Coal Tar Soap (Black) (110g) Brand: Soap Works

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin, Coal tar extract, Vegetable Charcoal Colour, Black Iron Oxide Colour, Parfum (Eucalyptus*, Geranium*, Rosemary*)*essential oils

One Step Ahead Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub

Bathing Tubs & Seats
The BIGGEST, Cushiest Inflatable Tub You'll Find! More comfortable, more room to grow! Our soft, jumbo tub keeps little ones secure, and the contoured headrest makes shampooing easy. Unique pockets keep bath supplies close, so you can keep one hand on baby. For babies who can sit up, up to 24 months. A OneStepAhead Exclusive!. More room to grow — measures 33"L x 23"W x 8½"H (outside length including flap: 37"L) . Inside space: 25"L x 14½"W x 7"H

Many uses give 5 stars to this best baby tub.
Both boys and girls love this tub due to this common patterns and colors.
No need to worry about sliding around, the size is just right.
The drain plug makes the water flow freely, Another mom said this tub was a great tub. She used it to bathe her little one every day. There is not any smell coming from it. And the price is reasonable.
Much room to play in and the right size to protect the baby.